Thursday, April 12, 2012


For me: I finally had to make an appointment for another endoscopy with dilation. My esophageal stricture has been getting worse and worse. This meant that first I had to see my regular doctor, get a blood test and then get the endoscopy done. So far, nothing has been covered under my insurance policy meaning nothing has even applied toward my $5,000. deductible. I'm keeping my fingers crossed about the endoscopy. They also took a couple biopsies since my esophagus was more red and inflamed than 3 years ago when I had it done. $$$$$ Plus, they want to prescribe Nexium (I haven't tried that one yet). I hear it's expensive, and I have no prescription coverage.

For Tim: His 'annual' 3 year check up resulted in a blood test, an MRI for his back (to compare with the last one in '08), a trip to the cardiologist, and a sleep study test. Fortunately, his insurance, while not as good as it used to be, is far better than mine.

The joys of being over 50, I guess. It's the only time I'm cognitively aware of my age - at the doctor's office.