Friday, August 6, 2010

All I Want Is Justice

Mark Hurd, CEO of Hewlett-Packard resigned due to unethical conduct. Over the last five years he has earned over $100,000,000. Yup, I counted the zeros. Plus, he will receive over $12 million in a severance payment. Yeah, you read right. He's unethical, funnels money to his lady love, has to resign, and still gets more money on his way out the door. How many people get severance payments when they quit? How many people get severance payments when they're forced to quit due to unethical, illegal activity? Only if you're a CEO.

Twenty-eight years my husband gave to that company. A year after Hurd became CEO my husband finally got cut in one of his massive lay-offs. Bitter? Surprisingly, I haven't been extremely bitter until today. There were so many people losing their jobs, that I never took it personally, and for some reason, never felt bitter. Today is a different story. I am beyond bitter. Just totally ticked off is more like it.

I want justice. Who wants to join me in demanding justice? Anyone?

Oh well. While I'm waiting I'm going to have an icy gin and tonic and a bowl of guacamole.